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About us

Christine Clément

Contemporary artist and curator, she was born in the Argentine Republic and is resident in Chile for 25 years.
She is graduated as Graphic Designer and continued her studies in Fine Arts and Art History.
She worked for publishers and took Marketing courses in the University of Oxford.
Upon arriving in Chile, she studied Art at the Catholic University and began working in cultural management, which led her, over the years, to found the Atelier4 Gallery, thus beginning her career as a gallery owner.
Meanwhile, her artistic career continued to develop, winning awards in Milan, Venice and Shanghai, among others.
As a cultural manager, she received the "Cruce de los Andes" Award from the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in Chile, Mr. Ginés González García, for her cultural work between both countries and in particular for the event created by her entitled "Bridge" that unites through art to two brother countries (Argentina and Chile) thus building, in some way, an imaginary bridge.
In 2010 she traveled to the city of Madrid to study Curatorship, being at that time one of the few curators in Chile.
In 2015, following a trip to Punta del Este, she visualized the possibility of creating a platform for the dissemination of art in Chile. For this, she associates with Bernardita Garib to try to give it shape.
Thus, in 2016 they managed to carry out the first version of the Artweek Fair, with Christine being the curator of said event and its Director together with her partner.
Christine is currently dedicated to the Artweek Fair, curating work and her own artistic work

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Bernardita Garib

Visual artist, Political Scientist and Art Cultural Manager, born in Santiago de Chile. She graduates with the degree in Political Science, career that she pursues during two years working for APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Council).
Afterwards, she starts her art studies in the Universidad Católica de Chile, beginning her artistic career, to which she dedicates 15 years from now. Painting is her main discipline.
Bernardita hones her knowledge with several artists like Carlos Maturana (Bororo), Claudia Campaña, Concepción Balmes, among others. 
Parallel to all this, she starts writing for the well known art media Arte al Limite, throughout seven years. 
At the same time, she exhibits her artwork in collective and solo exhibitions in Chile and abroad, standing out her participation in Art Expo New York, Art Dublin ( 2008) and Florence Biennale (2017), instances that were very important for her career. 
She receives the “Painting Award” in the Buenos Aires Biannale (2017) and Barcelona Winter Saloon (2008) and also the “Recognition as a Latin American Artist” in Art Expo New York, same year. 
Bernardita has exhibited her work in public spaces, with the project “Bancas Pintadas”, leaded by La Sala Art Gallery and Municipalidad de Vitacura, as well as the last exhibition called “Campanas de Reciclaje” between Municipalidad de Las Condes and Elige Vidrio,2021.
In the last years, she has professionalized her photography studies, discipline that is starting to be part of her artistic work.
She has been working for a month in Caras magazine, in charge of the section called “Caras en el arte” with the final purpose of disseminating chilean art through interviews and notes of national visual artists. 
In 2015, she associates with Christine Clément to create a platform for the arts in Chile, understanding the importance of bringing art to the people in a different way. 
Was in 2016 that both partners manage to do the first version of Art Week in our country, being Director of the event with Christine until now.

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